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Hans Zimmer

Hans Florian Zimmer (born twelve September 1957) is a U . k . composer and record maker. Since the 1980s, he has constructed music for over 150 movies. His works include The Big cat King, for which he received Academy Award for Greatest Original Score in year 1994, the Pirates of the Carribbean series, The Thin Red-colored Line, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, and Interstellar.

Zimmer spent the early part of their career in the United Kingdom before relocating to the United States. He is the mind of the film music department at DreamWorks studios as well as works with other composers with the company that he founded, Handheld remote control Productions, formerly known as Press Ventures. His studio within Santa Monica, California comes with an extensive range of computer gear and keyboards, allowing demonstration versions of film ratings to be created quickly. Their colleagues at the studio possess included Harry Gregson-Williams, Adam Dooley, Geoff Zanelli, Henning Lohner, Hugh Marsh, Dorrie Jablonsky, Mark Mancina, Steve Van Tongeren, John Powell, Nick Phoenix, and Jones J. Bergersen.

Zimmer's functions are notable for combining electronic music sounds along with traditional orchestral arrangements. They have received four Grammy Honours, three Classical BRIT Honours, two Golden Globes, as well as an Academy Award. Having been also named on the list of Best 100 Living Geniuses, released by The Daily Telegraph.

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